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Among the areas explored are mental illness; crime and delinquency; poverty; environmental issues; racial and economic tensions; and the special problems of families, gender, and aging.View Basic Course Information This course is a study of the cultural diversity and history of ethnic divisions and conflicts in the United States.Students will discuss the development of cities, problems of city living, and theories of urban development, as well as urban growth, and perceptions of cities as dangerous places.View Basic Course Information This course introduces the subjects of marriage and the family from a sociological perspective. Students are encouraged to analyze the causes and probable consequences of current trends and social problems surrounding the family.Would you consider making a one-time (or monthly) tax-deductible donation to Pro of at least ? : You know the world needs reliable, unbiased information on important issues – now more than ever.That's why you love Pro Con.org, a nonprofit educational organization that provides – for free and without ads – nonpartisan facts, well-researched pros and cons, and a platform for critical thinking on today’s hottest topics to millions of students, teachers, and others.It includes an examination and comparison of patterns of behavior surrounding these institutions historically and cross-culturally, with an emphasis on contemporary U. Topics explored are family violence, mate selection, romantic love, gender roles, sex, divorce, and the changing composition of the family.View Basic Course Information This course addresses social problems, the way people perceive social conditions, and models for analyzing social problems.

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Jenny has been involved in international comparative gene mapping and sequencing projects since the mid-1980s, promulgating the value of comparative genomics and the special value of including distantly related species.

She initiated projects to sequence the genomes of marsupials and the platypus, and was Foundation Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Kangaroo Genomics.