Dating 1970s ludwig drums

27 Apr

The Acrolite used the same Shell material, and was built using the same process & equipment as the Supra Phonic 400 with the only difference between the two being that the 400 was drilled for ten Lugs and was chrome plated with the 404 getting eight Lugs and having an Anodized finish.

Throughout the 1960’s & into the mid-70’s the Rims on both the Acrolite & Supra Phonic were much thinner than they are today and in my opinion give the Drums from that era a more open, or resonant, quality.

Likely with Gretsch fittings, Rogers Swiv-O-Matics tom holders.

Included metal plates inside and custom “iron cross” metal plates on the exteriors of the bass drums for added strength.

Original double tom mount is included." data-bread-crumbs="22" Bass Drum;4-Piece Kit;500-1000;condition: Very Good; Drum Kits; Drums;easter; Floor Model; Gloss Finish; Grey Color; Price Drop;reverbsync-seller-cost:800;reverbsync-shipping-profile: Shipping Tier 4;slingerland; ST PATS SALE;vintage;" Slingerland 12/13/16/22 4pc Drum Kit Chrome 70s USED Slingerland 4 piece kit in mirror chrome finish, in good condition. The P-83 throw-off is a bit loose, but still functions. View full product details → Gretsch 5x14 chrome over brass snare, with seamless spun shell and die cast hoops.

All parts are original and the Micro-Sensitive strainer works well. View full product details → Rogers 5x14 chrome over brass Powertone in good condition, with all original parts and no modifications or issues.