Dating a man with borderline personality radiometric dating of rocks absolute age

08 Dec

There are also "borderline" in a sense that they can easily break or balance on boundaries, that few people dare to cross. Colloquially (especially in high school environment) they are called "drama queens".For all practical purposes this the category (adding strong intellect) strongly overlaps with Female Sociopaths. throwing tantrums when some innocent word, gesture, facial expression or action by others sets off an emotional storm they cannot control.The attacks can be brutal, pushing away those they care most about ".

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If several of these sound familiar, there is good news. That day I went into the ob-gyn's office with her and sat across from the doctor who reported great news that the patient was cancer-free. " I was so surprised by her reaction I could hardly think or speak.I nodded happily and felt good for her and the positive results. Then I realized that she hadn't even registered the positive news. I dashed after her, calling her name, but she jumped into an elevator and ran off.I've been treating a 43-year-old woman for 20 years.Because of our long-term history, one would think that she would know and trust me.