Fedora updating gdb

01 Jul

You can install GDB on your system by following the simple steps discussed below.This tutorial shows how to prepare your a Red Hat-based (e.g.I want to install GDB GNU debugger for debugging C Programs, onto my fedora machine..I installed the gzip file from gnu website, but it gives error during MAKE command.. [[email protected] Programs]$ sudo apt-get install gdb Now plz tell me to change the Linux version..This page provides instructions on doing it manually in order to help diagnosing common problems.

After upgrading to Wheezy, I booted Fedora again (it's on the first hdd), and ran grub2-mkconfig.

Code is isolated, as an extension to gdb, written in Python.

Ideally the amount of "uncategorized" data should not be a substantial proportion of the overall size of the dynamically-allocated memory; if it is, then that may be a bug.

I am doing all the steps correctly which reading from the readme file, and tutorial on internet. Also i am trying to do from , yum is not found in my system, i installed it, but now it is giving some unusual error, some file missing.. sudo apt-get is working, but it is also giving some following errorss... i have alreadyy grilled my head down to install oracle on different linux version, and got success in one..

[[email protected] Programs]$ sudo apt-get install gdb Password: Sorry, try again. Plz tell me the way out to install gdb on this machine, if there is anyy??