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12 Jan

It's a new era of coopetition as telcos compete and partner with apps developers, cloud service providers and Internet content providers.This BCE 2017 panel explores the new attitudes among network operators, with voices from AT&T, Edge Conne X, Masergy and Zayo.

Being in the SD-WAN (also known as broadband bonding) industry, I just wanted to add that one-way delay (as well as jitter), as opposed RTT (Rount Trip Time) is essential...

making them the lowest-cost form of videotelephony.

Despite the low cost, the resolution offered at present (2015) is rather impressive, with low-end webcams offering resolutions of 320×240, medium webcams offering 640×480 resolution, and high-end webcams offering 1280×720 (aka 720p) or even 1920×1080 (aka 1080p) resolution.

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