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04 Dec

Condensers are one part of the power plant where the technology is well defined and the benefits of keeping a clean condenser are easily determined.

To avoid these effects, it may be possible to allow some of the circulating water returned from the condenser to bypass the cooling towers, thereby adjusting the inlet temperature to maintain the backpressure, but without reducing the total water flow rate or tube water velocity.Eta Carinae has a mass of more than 100 Earth suns.William Ramsay discovered argon when he first saw its spectrum and realized it matched no other’s.Beta particles from tritium can penetrate only about 6.0 mm of air, and they are incapable of passing through the dead outermost layer of human skin.The unusually low energy released in the tritium beta decay makes the decay (along with that of rhenium-187) appropriate for absolute neutrino mass measurements in the laboratory (the most recent experiment being KATRIN).