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01 Aug

"It's like, Taylor's the nicest." But, Stamos didn't let Lautner have all the attention.

Ellen De Generes was on a mission to find a new love interest for Lea Michele when the actress appeared on her chat show, roping her in for a game of ‘Who’d You Rather’.

It was a tough decision, but she eventually went with Taylor, who then lost out to Nick Jonas, who then came second to Prince Harry.

The eligible Prince beat out Harry Styles (with Lea insisting she ‘can’t compete with Kendall Jenner'), but it was her big crush, Michael B.

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"I have to say that is honestly what I love so much about Matt," she said.

But the second interrogation, by Lea Michele during their Facebook Live, was much more in-depth and entertaining.

Lautner tried really hard to dodge her questions; Michele wouldn't let him.

It starts at the mark, and it is amazing: Michele tries to prod which song ("Something about, 'If I would have known / I wouldn't have done that / I'll make you a hat.'") Lautner says Swift made him no hat and reluctantly confirms that yes, "Back to December" is about him.

It's been years since Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were linked, but the romance is still following the actor!