Retro dating ads

07 Jan

In keeping with Germany’s privacy laws, both their shared last name and the last names of their victims have not been released.From colorful Victorian trade cards of the 1870s to the Super Bowl commercials of today, advertising has gone from a small component of everyday life to a ubiquitous presence.But of course, most of Trump’s outrageous statements cannot be walked back.One artist has just introduced a powerful way of keeping them out in the world. S., most outdoor signs made between 1890 and and 1950 were constructed of a base of heavy rolled iron, which was die cut into the desired shape, then coated with layers of colored powdered glass and fired in a kiln.

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The blinds on those lower windows were always closed, according to Germany’s Deutsche Welle, even though the lights were always on.

Signs made this way were known as porcelain enamel signs or simply enamel signs.

[Links checked February/10/2017] Porcelain enamel signs originated in Germany and were imported into the U. They quickly became a staple of outdoor advertising across the country.

Making America Misogynistic Again is a series of images that pair vintage sexist advertising with some of Donald Trump’s most regrettable quotes.

(The level of regret on Trump’s part is debatable, but much of the world likely regrets knowing these exist.) While the ads of 2017 may still be sexist, in ways that are subtle but insidious, the pre- era ads were flagrant offenders.