Sasunaru dating casual dating vs friends with benefits

15 Apr

Also, it is Sasunarusasu, with some optional side pairings of course.

first i thought it was an awsome sexy BL game XD but then i was like wht the hel? He tried to grab his teacher's hand and twist, but it didn't work."I just did! His sensei drew his Katana back and threw a hit just next to Shikamaru's ear before he could raise his sword."I said, parry!

an yeah sasuke is out of character i dont know why but im not good at making him as he should be Sasu Naru-Engaged?? He said he would tell me why he is so ok with the fact that I’m a guy after his shower. She has to be his first love…the girl he wanted to share his life with. Does that mean he still has… feelings for her? Suddenly he see’s Sasuke’s leg step into view and then the rest along with Sakura close behind.

3"*pant pant* hehe ok get off we should heh get dressed and ready for to go to the haha fair! He has good reason to be out of breath he and Naruto have been wreastling and tickling each other for the past 2 and a half hours."Ya ok " Naruto jumps up still so full energy. Naruto than pulls his shirt off showing off his tanned sculpted body. 10 minutes later Naruto walks back in with nothing more than a towel around his waist. And just cause all you have seen me in is baggy stuff doesnt mean I didnt hav Sasu Naru-Engaged?? Sasuke walks into the room in a baggy t-shirt and sleep pants. They were in the middle of talking so Naruto decided instead of attacking he would sit silently and listen carefully.“ So Sasuke how do you think he’s going to take it? Sasuke leans on the tree that Naruto is hiding in and replies.

I almost forgot.” Sasuke teases while he takes his seat in Naruto’s lap. ” he ask looking up at Naruto.o///o “um yeah.” damn it Sasuke I am going crazy trying to figure out my feelings Sasu Naru-Engaged?? ”“ Um…” Naruto looks down at the floor of the vehicle “ Well I lived alone since I was little because my parents died when I was born. No…not that…I don’t know..” Sasuke laughs “ Whatever. Sasuke slowly takes Naruto’s hand in hi Sasu Naru-Engaged?? ”“ Yeah… I didn’t at first but now being with him I cant see myself with anyone else in the world.” Sasuke says.

4Naruto got Sasuke to use the truck instead of the limo as long as he agreed to sit in the back with Sasuke. ” Sasuke ask after assuring Naruto that there are rides for about the fifth time.“ Um…” he fidgets in his seat a little “ I haven’t ever…gone to the fair before in my life.”“ Wha?! I don’t even know what they look like.” He lets one tear roll down his choke. ” Naruto and Sasuke were in line for the tunnel of love and Naruto was fighting with himself. Come on were next.” So they step into the small wooden boat and off they go. 13Several hours later Sasuke is awakened by someone breathing on his neck. He wipes away the sticky white substance from his face onto his hand. “ But I feel bad…he had a gir Sasu Naru-Engaged??

Use your own damn music..this was done because I'm pretty sure you people are tired of ALL South Park.

) and i hate when peeps put things like instead of saying 'he winked and stuck his tongue out cheekily' or something. ” Sasuke had spun around to face the blond who was crying tears. 8Naruto is sitting on a tree branch in the middle of Sasuke’s backyard/mini forest.

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The window was closed , but i was a vampire so i could read lips. I don't want Naruto screaming and shouting to get off , and i don't want to gag his mouth .

I couldn't help but laugh at Naruto's face turned defeated .