Sex chat prank

20 May

He’s not happy when I tell him that he has to pay for the damages to my car since he has more money than me.

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Each section here contains just 3 prank calls, but includes links to many more prank calls with the same theme as that section, such as our Wal-Mart pranks, our complainer pranks and our Foursquare stalking pranks. 0,000 Mercedes - This guy is very proud of his expensive car and loves telling me the exact cost of it.

Our prank calls allow you to listen in silently while your victim is placed into one of many scenarios.

Put the phone on loudspeaker and get prepared to laugh yourself silly!

We are using a police scanner to listen to the hotels frequencies and hear his request, so we call his room back.

This guy thinks he’s important enough to get us fired. - Usually when I tell a customer that they have an ugly baby, they flip out on me. She either has an awesome sense of humor or is deathly afraid of confrontation.