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29 Sep

Not a single relative or friend came to lend support or to hear the verdict, delivered after three hours of deliberation.His adoptive mother was in Florida and let it be known that she wanted nothing to do with the case."The monster is sitting right here in this courtroom and his name is Travis Mullis," Assistant Galveston County District Attorney Donna Cameron told jurors."There is no medication, there is no treatment for the evil that he is." Defense attorneys Robert Loper and Gerald Bourque argued to the seven women and five men on the jury that the terrible events in Mullis' life, over which he had no control, were reason enough for his life to be spared.Police say they will consult with the University of Texas for possible footprint identification of the infant. UPDATE — The baby boy’s mother has identified him as hers. On January 29, 2008, Alijah’s tiny body was found lying face up on a berm just above Galveston Beach. Alijah’s body was found by a man who was birdwatching in the area.Her boyfriend had left with their baby, and hadn’t come back. Caren and Travis lived in a trailer with another couple and their children – one of whom, an eight-year-old girl, had been the recipient of Travis’s desire to play with children – not in a nice way.

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He tried to flag down a truck, but his wife found her cell phone instead, so the couple dialed 911.Police aren’t yet sure how the baby’s body or child seat got to where they were found, although they think the baby may have been tossed from a moving vehicle.The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office has the baby’s body for autopsy and identification.A hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 14 to determine the sentence.Caren Kohberger appears to have gone on with her life in the usual manner, because she’s classy like that.